Back Pain Top Tips

Back Pain – Top Tips to Release Your Back

Back Pain – Lots of antenatal and postnatal ladies complain of back ache and pain, it’s a common complaint that we see weekly – sometimes daily. Back pain is surprisingly common, but can be complex, and a result of many different factors from hips, alignment, posture, diastasis recti, pelvic floor weakness, injury to name a […]

Back Pain Solutions

I have come across a number of women over the last few weeks who are experiencing varying degrees of pack pain and discomfort. Back pain is a very common symptom with more than 80% of the population experiencing in their lifetime, it can cause a range of issues across the rest of your system from […]

C Section and Scar Recovery Programmes

C – Section Recovery

Did you know that 25% of babies are now delivered by c-section in the UK? Some of these are planned, some emergency but each will be for a reason. Our ‘bounce-back and snap into shape’ culture along with the press and social media would have you believe that the procedure and recovery is just run […]

Have you heard of fascia?

As we extend our learning further and continue to evolve and develop new programmes to help women, we delve deeper into the anatomy of the female form. Many of you won’t have heard of or even be aware of the fascia that’s sits within your system, and nor would you understand it’s function or purpose. […]

Hiit with Toddler

My First Hiit Session… With My Toddler!

I must admit, the thought of taking my toddler to exercise with me was somewhat unnerving; but taking him to my first hiit session?! I must be mad. He’s now two and a half, and so any chance of him sitting quietly in his pram eating rice cakes are long gone (oh, those beautiful Buggyfit […]

All I want for 2019 …

Every year around this time I feel pressurised, cheated in some ways ….. and have to work very hard to stop myself from feeling stressed. It shouldn’t be like this, right? I mean, we just had a lovely Christmas, enjoying family time, delicious food and have made some wonderful memories. A new year has arrived […]

10 Top Tips for Trimester 4

From the moment your baby is born, it all feels a bit hazy! There are so many things happening, information to take in as well as your own recovery and emotions. Trimester 4 is those first 12 weeks of being a Mum, where everything is new and we all just muddle our way through, but […]

7 Top Tips to guide you through Christmas!

Christmas isn’t just one day, or even 3 or 4 days of ‘holiday’ it is a whole month of preparation, shopping and organising. And that’s before we get to the socialising, food, nativity plays and wrapping of gifts! So here our my top 7 things to make your Christmas a little more manageable! 1. Hatch […]

Keeping it Fresh

I am often asked how we should ‘keep up the good work’, what happens as things ‘plateau out’ or need a ‘boost’ to maintain our good intentions. For me these questions are often the crux of the issue … we shouldn’t be all about the quick fixes or the need to constantly ‘better ourselves’. Lets […]

Mental health and motherhood – developing a diary for the fourth trimester.

The first twelve weeks of a baby’s life has been termed ‘the fourth trimester’, to account for the intense needs that a newborn baby has during this time. Adjusting to life outside the womb for babies is a gradual business, and for new mums, the acknowledgement of a fourth trimester for themselves can be helpful […]