Pilates: A Gentle Yet Powerful Practice for Pregnancy

Hey lovely mamas-to-be! Now that you have a little one on the way, you might be wondering how to safely continue exercise through your pregnancy journey and beyond. Let me introduce you to the incredible benefits of Pilates! This low-impact movement practice helps maintain strength and flexibility while expecting and can even ease some common […]

Finding Balance amidst a Busy Schedule

Hey Busy Mamas, Let’s Talk About Finding Balance I know so many of you wear multiple hats (and switch them out so fast you feel dizzy!). Between building careers, raising little ones, managing households, and trying to nurture partnerships – whew, it’s a lot! With so many demands on your time, I know fitting in […]

Struggling to Stay Motivated on Your Fitness Journey? Here’s Help!

I get it, my busy mama friends. With all you have going on, it’s hard to keep up the motivation to exercise consistently. Some days getting in a workout feels totally impossible, am I right? But I promise, with the right mindset and support network in place, you can crush your goals and establish sustainable […]

Feel Empowered and Supported: My Personal Training for Oxfordshire Women

Seeking a Female Personal Trainer in Oxfordshire? As a busy mum of three and fitness professional, I know firsthand the challenges we face trying to prioritise our health and fitness after having children. Between the endless mummy to-do lists and extra demands pregnancy puts on our bodies, feeling strong and ready to exercise can feel […]