Summer Holidays – Top Tips for Surviving!

The summer holidays are very nearly upon us, and if you’re anything like me then you may find yourself panicking about how to keep the kids entertained for 6 weeks straight, manage your work commitments and maybe try to get in some kind of social life (not to mention trying to keep your sanity intact!). […]

Women's health PT

What is a Women’s Health PT?

Many years ago when I started training as a Fitness Professional, after my third child, little did I know quite where I would end up! Fitness and Health covers such a huge spectrum of services and areas of specialism, I followed my passion into Female Health and became a Women’s Health PT. So, what does […]

All I want for 2019 …

Every year around this time I feel pressurised, cheated in some ways ….. and have to work very hard to stop myself from feeling stressed. It shouldn’t be like this, right? I mean, we just had a lovely Christmas, enjoying family time, delicious food and have made some wonderful memories. A new year has arrived […]