Women's health PT

What is a Women’s Health PT?

Many years ago when I started training as a Fitness Professional, after my third child, little did I know quite where I would end up! Fitness and Health covers such a huge spectrum of services and areas of specialism, I followed my passion into Female Health and became a Women’s Health PT. So, what does […]

Fit & Healthy Mums Online

Why Join Fit & Healthy Mums Online?

Why join Fit & Healthy Mums Online? We’ve worked so hard to continue Fit & Healthy Mums Online! The last few weeks have been a little different to say the least, however it has shown me what an amazing bunch of ladies you all are and how resilient we can be. After a little bit of […]

How to Keep You and Your Family Safe

Wow, where to start, these past few days have definitely been a little stressful and with constant news updates in a fast changing situation, it feels like we are living in a very different world to the one we are used to. It makes you wonder how to keep you and your family safe during […]

Yoga for Relaxation and Stress Relief

The modern world is a busy place. We live our lives constantly on the go, attached to our devices, rarely taking time to fully switch off. By incorporating even an hour of yoga for relaxation into our weekly routines, we can really help to cultivate balance in our lives, as well as giving ourselves much […]

New Year’s Resolutions – Rethink Them!

New Year’s resolutions. Urgh. I can guarantee you have seen at least 10 adverts today for miracle solutions to the ‘perfect body’, how to ‘drop a dress size’ or the only ‘detox’ you need to do. Well there is only one thing we think about all of this January hype – rubbish! At the beginning […]

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Looking for a reason to treat yourself to a massage, but just not sure if it’s for you? Let us help you make your mind up and fill you in on all the benefits of pregnancy massage! What we’re really talking about here is actual ‘me time’ – where you can enjoy tailored massage techniques […]

Outdoor Training

Why Training Outside is SO Important

Why is training outside important? It’s damp, dark, a bit chilly and to be honest the sofa is comfy ….. but motivating yourself to get training outside is so important, especially this time of year. Those little voices in your head say, ‘it’s too wet’, ‘I don’t need to’, ‘I will go next time’, ‘I […]

Body Confidence – Perfectly Imperfect

Inspired by Kathy Burke’s recent series on body confidence ‘All Woman’, I started to have a number of conversations with women – some clients, some family, friends and other Fitness Professionals. Conversations about body image, body confidence and why we feel the need to conform to look a certain way. I mean, who doesn’t love […]


Relaxation – The Importance of ‘You’ Time

The importance of relaxation is something that we’re sure all of our mums are guilty of overlooking! We know you’re busy …. There are so many things that ‘need’ to be done and there are little people who require your attention. Relaxation is the last thing on your mind! For 2 minutes, just focus on […]

Back Pain Top Tips

Back Pain – Top Tips to Release Your Back

Back Pain – Lots of antenatal and postnatal ladies complain of back ache and pain, it’s a common complaint that we see weekly – sometimes daily. Back pain is surprisingly common, but can be complex, and a result of many different factors from hips, alignment, posture, diastasis recti, pelvic floor weakness, injury to name a […]