Feeling Overwhelmed? Strength Training to the Rescue!

Hey ladies, raise your hand if you’ve felt extra stressed and emotionally drained lately *raises both hands high*. As much as we try to power through, the mental load we carry as mothers and professionals can get EXHAUSTING! I’m here to share an incredibly effective stress-relieving tool that continues to keep me grounded through chaotic […]

How did you start 2024?

Can you believe January is nearly over? I hope the past month has treated you well, my lovelies! I know the post-holiday period can spur that urge in many of us to try and “reset” after all of those rich indulgences. But as I’m fond to say, quick fixes and extreme diets are not the […]

how to stay motivated to workout in the heat.

Stay motivated to workout in the heat

  Phew! What a hot few weeks we’ve been having! I’m not complaining as I absolutely love any excuse to be outside, but sometimes this heat can play havoc with my motivation to exercise – and I know from chatting to a few of you ladies that you want to know how to stay motivated to […]

Summer Holidays – Top Tips for Surviving!

The summer holidays are very nearly upon us, and if you’re anything like me then you may find yourself panicking about how to keep the kids entertained for 6 weeks straight, manage your work commitments and maybe try to get in some kind of social life (not to mention trying to keep your sanity intact!). […]

Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss – The Important Difference

Fat loss vs. Weight Loss Ignore the fad diets, quick fixes, and the SCALES (most of the time!) If you’re anything like most of my clients when you have a weight loss goal, you probably dust off your scales and jump on with bated breath week after soul-crushing week – diligently weighing yourself once a […]

Women's health PT

What is a Women’s Health PT?

Many years ago when I started training as a Fitness Professional, after my third child, little did I know quite where I would end up! Fitness and Health covers such a huge spectrum of services and areas of specialism, I followed my passion into Female Health and became a Women’s Health PT. So, what does […]

Fit & Healthy Mums Online

Why Join Fit & Healthy Mums Online?

Why join Fit & Healthy Mums Online? We’ve worked so hard to continue Fit & Healthy Mums Online! The last few weeks have been a little different to say the least, however it has shown me what an amazing bunch of ladies you all are and how resilient we can be. After a little bit of […]

How to Keep You and Your Family Safe

Wow, where to start, these past few days have definitely been a little stressful and with constant news updates in a fast changing situation, it feels like we are living in a very different world to the one we are used to. It makes you wonder how to keep you and your family safe during […]

Yoga for Relaxation and Stress Relief

The modern world is a busy place. We live our lives constantly on the go, attached to our devices, rarely taking time to fully switch off. By incorporating even an hour of yoga for relaxation into our weekly routines, we can really help to cultivate balance in our lives, as well as giving ourselves much […]

New Year’s Resolutions – Rethink Them!

New Year’s resolutions. Urgh. I can guarantee you have seen at least 10 adverts today for miracle solutions to the ‘perfect body’, how to ‘drop a dress size’ or the only ‘detox’ you need to do. Well there is only one thing we think about all of this January hype – rubbish! At the beginning […]