Working to Keep You & Your Baby Safe

At Fit & Healthy Mums, we're dedicated to keeping you and your baby safe at this worrying time. In order to be transparent, we have outlined our stringent guidelines below in order that you can make an informed decision before attending one of our face to face classes. If you have any questions at all regarding our policy, please don't hesitate to contact us for reassurance.


The health and safety of you, our client, and your dependants and our staff is of the utmost importance and this aim drives the management of our COVID-19 response listed below. At the core of our guidelines is cleanliness and hygiene. We have adopted an open approach with our clients and of course look to take on board any feedback and make improvements.


At all times Fit and Healthy Mums will adhere to all advice and guidelines from the government, insurance companies and governing bodies.

Cleanliness & Hygiene

- Clients will be asked to bring hand sanitiser to classes to ensure maximum hygiene.

- Clients are welcome to use the bathrooms to wash their hands on arrival, but must follow the one way flow through venues.

- Where using an internal venue, hand sanitiser will be available on arrival.

- Social distancing should be adhered to in all classes, groups and in private appointments or personal training sessions. Using the 2 meter rule as much as is feasible.

- Indoor venues will be cleaned prior to a session and after, paying particular attention to high touch points eg door handles.

- Indoor venues will be ventilated, using doors and windows.

- Ventilation systems will be used inline with current guidelines.

- Indoor venues will be thoroughly cleaned in between classes, with a wait time for ventilation. Current guidelines stipulate 10 minutes, ours will be longer due to feeding mums.

- Clients will need to provide their own mat and any equipment for classes.

- Where equipment is provided, it will be cleaned thoroughly and left for 24 hours.

- Where possible, please try not to eat in the venues.


- Clients will be asked to park vehicles at a safe distance using the car parking spaces available.

- Clients to be mindful of babies and tots who may be in car seats and pushchairs, and therefore a 2 meter distance should be maintained.

- Gloves and face masks are not compulsory, however can be worn if client prefers.

- If clients need to queue to access a venue, they must do so at a 2 meter distance in a safe manner.

- A one way system will be marked out for clients to use, guiding them through the building.

- When using the toilets, please ensure you use the cubicles that are available. Every other will be locked to ensure social distance. The same applies to the sinks and any hand dryers located next to each other.

- To use the toilets, it may be necessary to exit the building via the one way flow and then re enter the exit.

- Venue capacity will be restricted to 3 meters square, per client.

- No changing will be permitted, please come to your class ‘exercise ready’.

- Pre booking is essential, classes must be booked online and paid for in advance.

- Personal items eg water bottles, pushchairs etc should only be used by the owner and not passed around.

- Clients are advised not to congregated in groups before or after the class where possible.


If a client becomes ill 14 days after a class, all participants will be informed via email.
If a client is unwell or is showing any symptoms they must follow government advice and not come to class.