A Yoga class for all pre and postnatal ladies.

A Yoga Class for all, including Pregnancy & Postnatal Women

In need of some downtime, looking for a little zen, deep breathing and the feeling that you have 'released'? Then you have found a fantastic yoga class! This session is a mixed ability class and is suitable for all women,  and as with all of our classes if you are looking for pregnancy yoga or you are postnatal and in need of some core work each pose and exercises will be modified to suit. Perhaps you’re newly pregnant and would like to introduce a little more movement into your day, or maybe you’ve had your baby and are feeling like you need a little mental restoration and headspace in your life – this is the class for you! Equally if you are back at work and feeling like you need some 'me time' and want to continue your hard work from maternity leave you are welcome to join.


What is Yoga?

Yoga originated in India about 5,000 years ago and has been adapted in a variety of different formats. It’s a safe and effective way to ensure you can maintain physical activity, and can work towards improving your strength, flexibility and balance. It is a great way to add in 'stretch and relaxation' to your week and for those with injuries or the need to work on mobility.


What can I expect?

Our 60 minute session will help you to increase your strength and flexibility, whatever your current level of fitness. Our Yoga class also include breathing and relaxation techniques to assist you in dealing with daily stresses and anxiety. The sessions are mixed-ability, so please don’t worry that you may feel uncoordinated or out of your depth – everyone is able to work at their own level, and our lovely instructor Mel can always help with variations of exercise to ensure you get the most from the workout. This is your time to feel zen.

Classes are taught in small groups of 8 ladies, in blocks of 6 weeks.


What are the benefits?

Along with the obvious benefits of exercise of keeping your body flexible, strong and in good shape. Yoga has also been linked with improved sleep, reduced anxiety, stress and depression. It can also help with pregnancy aches and pains, nausea and lengthening tight muscle groups..


Need any more persuading to join us?

Our classes are a fantastic way to meet other mums, whether its your very first yoga class or you are a veteran – everyone is really friendly and it’s a great time-out that’s just for you. So, why not come along? Pop your phone on silent, and take some time just for you … and breathe!


If the class time doesn't suit, you would rather learn Yoga in your own home or establish a private group please contact us for availability.


Check out our full timetable here.




Things we love at Fit and Healthy Mums

Benefits of Yoga

A full body approach to exercise and movement
Build strength up without using weights
Increased mindfulness
Gives a sense of wellbeing
Helps you deal with stress and anxiety
Exercises to suit your level of fitness
Each exercise can be easily adapted to suit you
Increase flexibility
Aids alignment and posture
Helps coordination
Enhances self confidence

Class Details

Yoga - Tuesday 19:45 Sunningwell Village Hall

For all of my postnatal classes I do an ‘ab check’ for diastasis recti and ensure that the girls are working at the correct level and progressing.

For all of my postnatal classes I do an ‘ab check’ for diastasis recti and ensure that the girls are working at the correct level and progressing.

A Fitness Yoga class for pre and postnatal women, focussing on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. Oxfordshire