New Term, New Start?

As September beckons and our thoughts turn away from the Summer into Autumn and the new school year, I am debating whether September is the new January? Fresh start, resurrect those promises we made ourselves all those months back. A time to reset, refocus and give those goals another go.
With the lack of routine over the summer, visiting relatives and days out it is so easy to lose your momentum and get caught up with life, making memories and that all important family time. But September brings a new term, commitment and a whole other season to throw ourselves into.
Remember that first page of your new exercise book, how neat and tidy it looked on the first day of term and how you vowed it would remain that way!

Getting back into the groove after a break is fine, it’s life but here are our top tips to help you through!
– Take it slow, if you’ve had a break for a bit don’t go mad and instantly throw yourself into a high impact class. Build it back up again slowly. Often those niggles and pain sites reoccur after a time and you need to rebuild the strength before upping the anti!
– Choose fun! Select classes and activities that intrigue you, try something new, go with a friend but most of all laugh. Life is too short to do things that just feel a bit dull.
– Stay hydrated …. We are generally not very good at drinking lots of water but we need to for literally 100’s of reasons. If you are going to be exercising, then water is an absolute must – if only to flush out the holiday excesses!
– It’s not just about exercise. New goals can be anything, from healthy eating, time to yourself to cutting down on those takeaway coffees! We offer a full approach, because your mental health and wellbeing is just as important as your physical ability. Why not try baby massage or our antenatal course, new activities, new friends – what’s no to love!
– Treat yourself, I am the first one to admit I have a small obsession with gym kit, leggings, tops, trainers! You don’t need to be excessive but something nice like a water bottle or that lovely oversized muslin cloth you saw to help with feeding can lift your mood and motivate you too.
Don’t forget your are not in the minority camp if your good intentions got lost over the Summer, we are all here to give you a helping hand to get back on track.

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