Mental wellness appointments to help new Mums deal with stress, anxiety, worry and postnatal depression as well as coping strategies for crying babies, sleeplessness and dealing with lifestyle changes and decisions such as your relationship with your partners, family members as well as financial worries and going back to work.

We are proud to offer a full approach to health and wellbeing to women, which includes mental health support. Our Minding Mums appointments are designed to help Mums and Mums to be,  feel supported and more confident in their choices and experiences. Joana, our specialist psychologist helps to aid the transition into motherhood and openly discuss all the trials and tribulations of those worries and concerns that are in your head.

We cover all sorts of areas such as:

  • Pregnancy and birth anxiety
  • Birth Trauma and feelings associated with complex deliveries
  • Premature babies and impact on you as well as baby
  • When feeding doesn’t go to plan
  • Fussy babies, excessive crying, sleeping problems and coping strategies
  • How to communicate with baby and work out their needs
  • Tackling weaning
  • Being confident in making decisions for you and baby
  • Feelings of stress, anxiety, baby blues and postnatal depression
  • New roles of Mum and Dad, when 2 become more
  • Impact of children on your relationships
  • Going back to work, finances and childcare

The topics will depend on which areas you would like to discuss and what you feel are priority for you.

We provide an open and non judgmental environment to talk with a specialist in your own home, have a relaxed chat over a cup of tea. Book a private appointment at a time to suit, just email or use our online booking above.

Things we love at Fit and Healthy Mums

Minding Mums:

A supportive way to help deal with those new challenges, emotions and that hazy feeling! Run by fully qualified specialist to provide proven and effective advice.

Appointment Details

Sessions by private appointment only. £60 p/hr for individual session. £250 for 5, 60 minute sessions.