C Section and Scar Recovery Programme

Have you had a C section, hysterectomy or other abdominal intervention? Does your scar feel bumpy, lumpy or uncomfortable? Has the sensation around the scar changed? Do you feel the scar inhibits your movement?

Then this is the perfect tailored programme to aid your core and abdominal healing.

This Recovery Programme not only includes massage therapy and soft tissue release to work on the fascia and myofascial lines that are interrupted by any incisions. It also looks at your breathing pattern, your connection with abdominal muscles, nutrition and lifestyle to maximise the effectiveness. This full body approach is truly unique to you.

Kim is only one of a handful of specialist therapists who is fully trained in this discipline, within the Physiotherapy Department at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Prior to your first appointment you will complete a thorough consultation form via email.

At your initial 90 minute session, Kim will take you through a series of steps to ensure optimal recovery. You will also receive a bag of ‘tools’ to allow you to practice the self-care techniques you have learnt at home.

You will then require 2 further 60 minute sessions.

During your treatment we take a full body approach to your healing process. Our aim is to empower and teach you breathing techniques and self-massage care as well as nutritional and lifestyle advice.

In every appointment you will:

Consult with Kim, our highly trained soft tissue therapist to ensure we have all the up to date information. This means the treatments are tailored specifically to you.

Assess and practice your breathing techniques. Corrective exercises and releases will be taught where required.

Abdominal release work through specialist massage techniques to free any congested areas.

Scar tissue massage using both hands and massage tools to manipulate and release.


Client Testimonial: "I have found the sessions informative and you are very knowledgeable which creates a good level of trust. You have been very helpful and friendly, as well as adaptable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you and the service you provided as I felt that the holistic approach was effective and did what you said it would. I also like the fact that you aim to give people the tools to continue the work by themselves which in many ways is an unusual approach to a therapy."

Alongside this Recovery Programme, we often encourage clients to take up one of our Pilates classes. Alternatively you can book a private Pilates or Women's Health Personal Training Session with Keri. This can help to utilise the abdominal muscles more efficiently and regain strength. You may prefer to work through the massage elements first and then move onto the exercises or book alternating appointments.


This treatment is suitable for women who have experienced C-sections, hysterectomy and other gynaecological or female health surgery where abdominal incisions have been made. Keri is fully trained in working with hysterectomy clients as well as postnatal.

You must be a minimum of 6 weeks post surgery.

Things we love at Fit and Healthy Mums

This isn't just about the 'look' of a scar, but a full body approach to healing all the layers under the skin that have been disturbed through medical intervention. Self care and the skills to be able to practice the massage yourself at home are key to recovery - and we show you how.

For all of my postnatal classes I do an ‘ab check’ for diastasis recti and ensure that the girls are working at the correct level and progressing.

For all of my postnatal classes and Restoring Mum appointments I do an ‘ab check’ for diastasis recti and ensure that the girls are working at the correct level and progressing.