I first attended Keri’s Albert Park buggyfit class when my son was a few months old, he is now nearly 7! Needless to say when my daughter arrived I was back at the class once I’d had the 6 week signoff, with my son on a buggyboard. I cannot express how important the class has been for me – as someone who has previously suffered with depression and anxiety the weekly routine of attending buggyfit was critical to staying on an even keel. There were times I really didn’t feel like going, but my goodness I always felt so much better afterwards! It is amazing what fresh air, exercise and some friendly faces can do. Exercise is now a key part of my self-care and I am probably fitter than I have been since I was at school. I even ran a half marathon in 2019, something I never thought I would do! Keri is so knowledgeable regarding post-natal exercise, which is great when you are getting used to your new body and not sure what you can and can’t do.

Not only were buggyfit classes a lifeline, once my daughter started nursery I began regularly using the @home programme. Having this at your fingertips has been brilliant, especially in a time of more home working. I love the shorter sessions I can fit in my lunch break! Or tagging two or three together when I have more time. There is plenty of variety so I never find I am repeating videos too much. I’ve even finally got some dumbells for the arm sessions!

I cannot rave about Fit and Healthy Mums enough. Thank you Keri and team!

Sian M

Really enjoyed the sessions over the summer!
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the sessions over the summer. My very happy memories of cheerfully puffing my way around Albert Park with Caitlin in the sunshine are a big part of my maternity year and will stay with me. You run a very fun and friendly class (that I keep recommending to friends!) and it was always a pleasure to be able to chat to other mums as well as feeling virtuous about doing some exercise! I loved the fact that it wasn’t cliquey and you could take everything at your own pace without feeling out of place. Thank you for providing such a great service, you’re doing a fab job and long may it continue.

Emma Johnson

Thanks for your help and supportI
wanted to sincerely thank you though for all your help and support – your sessions helped me maintain some level of fitness which I believe helped me to have a straightforward and enjoyable labour. Since Chloe came along your classes have helped me to lose the 3 stone + that I gained, and have given some focus to my Mondays! I think that what you do is fantastic – please keep it up! You not only help us postnatal ladies to exercise safely, but you share your experiences and are a great friend to everyone.



Jane Green

Baby Massage
Thanks for last night. Hopefully it will help our little man. He slept for 6 hours after that last night! Which was lovely for me, and even lovelier for Wayne who was taking the later shift – which became irrelevant and he got a full 9 (!!) hours sleep. He had an important meeting today so he was delighted.

Rose Thompson

More Confidence
I have loved doing your sessions. Not only did they help get me out of the house for the last 9 months or so, they have helped bring some confidence back.

Nikki Black

I can't thank you enough
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all support and motivation the last year! It really has made a big difference to me physically and emotionally! Ill be gutted not to continue (I return to work shortly too!) I really can’t recommend you enough.

Louise Day

''I wouldn't be pregnant again without all of your support. I didn't believe it would ever happen.''


''I went to my first competition this week, 9 months after having my baby. I won! Thank you for your sensible, safe and progressive advice and support. There is no way I would be back competing without your expertise.''


''Are you serious! It cant be fixed in 3 sessions - the GP said there was nothing they could do!''


"Hello from a wet Montreal. It seems you have all the summer back home! And things with my pelvic floor and stomach muscles are going well. So well in fact that I'd like to cancel our next session. I hope that's ok. Should things not go well i'll be back in touch but for now you have one happy client!"

Georgia P

I just wanted to let you know that on 4th August I had a lovely baby boy (another boy!!) he was 9lb 11oz and born very quickly but very importantly I didn’t need any stitches!! This is the first time I haven’t needed stitches and I would say it was down to the pelvic floor excercises you helped me with all those months ago! Also when I had my check with the midwife she said my stomach muscles hadn’t separated which again I would say is down to manor boot camp and your one to one help with excercises.

Thank you so much for all your help I’ll pop in to manor boot camp with my new baby boy after drop off one weds!

Megan M

I have found the sessions informative and you are very knowledgeable which creates a good level of trust. You have been very helpful and friendly, as well as adaptable (with dogs and mum being here too which has been hugely appreciated). I wouldnt hesitate to recommend you and the service you provided as I felt that the holistic approach was effective and did what you said it would. I also like the fact that you aim to give people the tools to continue the work by themselves which in many ways is an unusual approach to a therapy.

Megan R

Thank you for your invaluable help and advice over the last five months. I would definitely say our first goal has been achieved!

Becky C

Thanks for the fit for birth classes - I really enjoyed them. It was a good job I stopped when I did as I went into labour a week early that Friday and our second baby boy was born just after midnight on Saturday morning! Too speedy for another water birth but never mind! Looking forward to joining some post natal fitness classes soon!

Lucy T

I just wanted to say thank you for your help and support again. I’m going back to work soon,  I’ll miss coming to class and catching up each week. Your classes and all the friendly faces have been a big part of my maternity leave.


I just wanted to say thank you so much, your classes have really got me back on track and I've really enjoyed being part of your lovely mum community the last year.

Sian L