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Fit & Healthy Mums Online

We have a range of memberships and classes to suit you - whether you're looking to start Pilates, a full membership with access to all of your favourite Fit & Healthy Mums classes, or a succinct 6 week postnatal programme, we've got you covered:

@home programme - this is the bees knees of online exercise. From Pilates, Yoga and Barre to Hiit, Core workouts and Stretch. You can pick and choose which ever suits! Lots of content and each session is recorded and unique to this group.


First Steps - 6 week online course for ‘new mums’, suitable for all. Taking you through the steps to regain strength in your core and pelvic floor. Loads of mum hacks and useful, short videos!


Pilates for Beginners 6 week Pilates course on demand. Routines for mobility, posture, back and hips, core and cardio intervals! Suitable for all.


Yoga for Pregnancy - Follow along with our fantastic yoga teacher Melissa Wells, as she guides you through a number of sessions to help you build muscular strength and flexibility during your pregnancy.

Check out our On-Demand Classes & Memberships

Fit & Healthy Mums offers a range of on-demand, online programmes. If you're struggling to get back into exercise, why not try the first step - working out at home! Check out our latest programmes and membership options below:


Virtual Personal Training, Pelvic Floor, Diastasis appointments are also available - please contact for more information.