Welcome to Fit & Healthy Mums @home!

We're excited to launch Fit & Healthy Mums @home! We know how it can be a little tricky to get to a class when you've got a newborn baby (not to mention toddlers!) so we're bringing the classes you love straight to you - at home!

Trying to carve out a little time for yourself is tough enough when you're a mum, but we all know how important physical exercise is for both your mental and physical well being. By accessing our content online, you're able to work out when it suits you - quickly, and easily. Following clear instructions and easy to follow videos delivered by the experts, with heaps of experience and know how.

Need more persuasion?

Benefits of Fit & Healthy Mums @home

Convenient, just pop on your trainers and grab some water and hey presto you’re in exercise mode. No need to plan, drive, or park the car – or lug a car seat around!

You are in your own space, so you feel less conscious of your baby and tots, and any needs they have. You just do your thing!

You can get those tots involved! Your little ones will love copying you and working out alongside you.

Being at home right now is safe, you have your own space, mat and kit to use.

You can choose to exercise wherever you have wifi – living room, kitchen, garden or garage! Being able to exercise outside gives you the added bonus of not only the post session endorphins but also a daily dose of vitamin D, fresh air and some green space. All great mood boosters.

No need to shower, make up or generally worry about appearance – save some of that for after your class!

Workout at a time that suits you to exercise, rather than organising your family to join a class at one time. And the best thing?  You get to try more classes!

Take us on holiday! If you like to travel or are visiting family then take us with you - connect to the wifi and off you go!

If you're looking for a fun and varied workout designed especially for your pre/postnatal body, then you've come to the right place! Check out the range of classes on offer right now:

  • Pilates
  • Core
  • Yoga
  • Barre
  • Hiit
  • Legs Bums and Tums
  • Stretch
  • Relaxation
  • Favourite Recipes
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fit & Healthy Mums @home?

Fit & Healthy Mums @home is a monthly membership where you’ll find all of our popular Fit & Healthy Mums classes – but online! Access content from the comfort of your own home, on mobile, tablet or laptop.

What are the benefits of the Fit & Healthy Mums @home?

There are so many benefits to your monthly membership, not only will you feel stronger and more in control of your pre and postnatal journey, you will also be receiving up to date, expert led advice straight from the expert! This programme is specifically tailored to women’s health and all the adaptions for diastasis recti, core weakness, prolapse and pelvic floor weakness are made within each video. Ensuring you’re safe with lots of different options, you can replay each workout as many times as you wish as you gain more strength and choose the more challenging exercises.

How does the monthly membership work?

Fit & Healthy Mums @home is a monthly subscription service. Simply sign up on this page, and receive instant access to a range of of videos, recipes and other fantastic content to get you on the road to a fitter, stronger, you. Membership costs £19.99 per month and you can cancel anytime.

How do I access the content?

The video content will be available for you to view and replay as many times as you need. Other content such as recipe cards, can be downloaded to keep. Content will be added weekly – so you’ll never be bored!

How do I sign up?

Sign up on this page today to receive full access all of the different class content, new videos will be added weekly. You’ll need to answer a few short questions on your general health and let us know of any medical conditions.

How much does the membership cost?

The Fit & Healthy Mums @home membership costs just £19.99 a month.

The Fit & Healthy Mums @home programme delivers fresh, fun content for you to use at a time that suits you. If you need anymore persuasion, just check out our reviews from the many hundreds of pre and postnatal women we help every day!

Client Testimonials

Loving the at home program. I had my second baby 12 weeks ago and signed up 2 weeks ago as the weight is not dropping off like it did last time. Your videos are easy to follow and have made me feel sooo much more positive that I will get there as well as looking after 2 children! My toddler is quite the fan of legs, bums and tums!!


Working with Keri has improved my fitness, my energy, my confidence and my health after having my baby and I've been so pleased with the results!

Kerry P

I'm so glad I found you!

Joanna C

Thank you so much for your amazing work. When I first saw you I was leaking even when I walked. 6 weeks on I feel so much better and in complete control.

Katie W

This morning I've woken up with no knee pain - you are amazing!

Megan R

Things with my pelvic floor and stomach muscles are going well. So well in fact that I'd like to cancel our next session!

Georgia P

What you're doing is fantastic. I feel great and you are making such a difference!

Alice F

Just a big thank you for continuing to produce so many workouts for the at home program. I actually love it! They actually restore my faith that I do have a core somewhere!!

Sophie T

I just wanted to let you know that discovering Fit and Healthy Mums has been the best thing I’ve done for myself post-natally. From your first steps program, through to the PT sessions I had for diastasis, the @home content, and the weekly Zoom Pilates, I’m feeling in a really good position physically and mentally nine months on from my daughter’s birth. Forget the babygros, everyone wondering what to buy a new mum should get a gift voucher for Fit and Healthy Mums! Your friendly and knowledgeable approach has left me in no doubt I’m in safe hands and I’ve really been able to see and feel the difference in my body since starting to work with you all those months ago.

Emily M

I just wanted to say thank you so much, your classes have really got me back on track and I've really enjoyed being part of your lovely mum community the last year.

Sian L

I thought I'd just send you a quick message to say that I'm really enjoying the at home programme. Over Christmas I started doing the activation bands workouts (booty band ones), I love that it gets me up, heart rate going and I can feel I've really worked the muscles, it feels great!

Emily W


Just £10 for your first month using code BLACKFRIDAY (usual price £19.99 a month)

Why Choose Fit & Healthy Mums @home?

Benefits of Fit & Healthy Mums @home

Created for mums, by mums.

Delivered by highly qualified pre and postnatal experts.

Safe, effective exercise to get you feeling confident, strong and more like 'you' again.

Video demonstrations and classes available when you're ready.

Complete classes in your own time, in your own home.

Credible, evidence based information and advice.

Designed by Qualified Experts

Fit & Healthy Mums @home is delivered by Keri Young - a pre and postnatal expert with over 8 years of experience working with postnatal women, and a host of qualifications earned through her hard work and dedication in providing the highest level of pre and postnatal care. View Keri's extensive list of qualifications here.