Finding Balance amidst a Busy Schedule

Hey Busy Mamas, Let’s Talk About Finding Balance

I know so many of you wear multiple hats (and switch them out so fast you feel dizzy!).
Between building careers, raising little ones, managing households, and trying to nurture
partnerships – whew, it’s a lot!

With so many demands on your time, I know fitting in exercise feels plain impossible some
days. But I’m here to share some realistic strategies I’ve honed over the years for working
mamas determined to stay active.

You don’t need hours a day – even consistent 20 minute sessions make a huge difference!
And the mental health benefits alone are so needed when juggling everything on your plate.

Time Management Tips That Work
I’m all about efficiency to maximise results in minimal time. Let’s get strategic with pockets of
time you likely have available:

– Morning Magic: Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier. I know, I know, sleep is precious! But an
early morning workout will energise you for the whole day ahead.

– Lunch Break Sweat: Trade in a heavy midday meal for a brisk walk or high intensity interval
session. Come back to work feeling refreshed!

– Commute Conditioning: Whether you drive or take public transit, there are some really easy ways to include movement into your day.

– Family Fun Fitness: Incorporate movement into time with your kids. Take an evening bike
ride together, play outdoor games, try a YouTube yoga video. Get everyone

Goal Setting for Busy Women
I work with clients to establish realistic and sustainable fitness goals based on their unique
lifestyles. While it’s tempting to go full force, slow incremental progress truly yields the best
(and longest lasting) results.

Focus on consistency over intensity. Something is ALWAYS better than nothing when it
comes to moving your body. Be patient and keep perspective when life gets especially

We develop goals that make you feel empowered, not overwhelmed. Let me help you get
crystal clear on what’s achievable for your work-life balance right now. Small steps forward
make big differences over time!

At Home Options for Time Crunched Mamas
Of course I love seeing your beautiful faces in my classes! But when schedules get packed, I
equip clients with effective home workout resources. Minimal equipment needed – just your
own bodyweight!

I offer customised programs you can complete in just 15-30 minutes including: strength
training, HIIT, Pilates, Barre, stretching and recovery. We find the right fit for YOU.

Invest in yourself, working mama! You handle so much for others – you deserve support.

Let me help you make self-care a priority during this busy season of life.

Schedule your free consultation so we can start mapping out a plan.

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