Find Your Zen: My New Pilates Class Launching in Wantage

Pilates Classes in Wantage for Busy Mums

Happy New Year, my lovelies! I don’t know about you, but after all the indulgence of the holiday season, I’m craving some gentle movement and mindfulness to refresh my body and spirit. 

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be launching a brand new Pilates class in Wantage this January! Whether you’re new to Pilates or an experienced yogi, this class will help you feel stronger, more flexible, and totally zen. 

Pilates is perfect for us busy mums as it recharges without depleting you further – unlike more intense workouts that can leave you feeling wiped. The focus is on precise movements that over time lead to improved posture, balance, and core strength.

I designed these classes to provide mums with a supportive community where we can nourish our bodies and breathe new life into ourselves. And I always make sure to provide modifications so my classes are accessible for mums of all fitness levels.

Curious to learn more about the many benefits Pilates provides? Keep reading! I’ll share how this gentle practice supports mums through all stages of motherhood.


What is Pilates and How Can It Benefit You?

If you’re not yet familiar, Pilates is a gentle, low-impact form of exercise that focuses on precise movements, proper alignment, and building core strength. Unlike more intense workouts that leave your body flooded with lactic acid, Pilates aims to leave you feeling recharged, recentered, and more in tune with your body.  

The practice was originally developed by Joseph Pilates to help rehabilitate dancers and athletes recovering from injury. He recognized that strengthening the core and fine-tuning awareness of how the body moves could accelerate healing and help prevent future injuries.  

These same principles that aided healing now provide a myriad of benefits to us busy mums:

It builds core strength to provide that extra support you need during pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, and beyond. Let’s face it, our core muscles do some heavy movements with all the bending, lifting, and carrying we do! A strong core makes mummy duties much easier on the body. 

It improves flexibility and mobility to combat all those aches and pains we get from chasing little ones about. Gentle stretching paired with precise movements increases the range of motion, keeping you feeling agile.

It enhances mind-body awareness, helping you tune into areas of excess tension so you can actively relax them. Such a calming escape for our busy minds!

The controlled breathing techniques teach you how to inhale and exhale properly, getting more oxygen to nourish your cells.  

It burns calories to help you maintain a healthy weight long after your session ends. Gotta love that Pilates after burn! 

Overall, you’ll walk away feeling stronger, more balanced, and grounded to take on mummy duties with a renewed sense of calm. It’s like a workout and meditation all wrapped into one rejuvenating session!


What to Expect From My Pilates Classes in Oxfordshire

My classes offer a supportive community environment for busy mums to strengthen and nourish their bodies. I want this to be a space for us to uplift each other as we flow through movements that build stability, flexibility, and inner calm. 

I always make sure to provide modifications so that my workouts are accessible for mums of all fitness levels. No prior Pilates experience is needed! We build up slowly together in each class, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident.

A typical class flow involves gentle warm-up movements to lubricate the joints, wake up muscles, and get us grounded. We then progress into core strengthening exercises that challenge your stability. Next comes stretches and mobility flows before we cool it all down, sealing in our efforts with deep relaxation. 

Throughout the class, the emphasis is on the mind-body connection through steady breath. I’ll provide imagery, cues, and hands-on adjustments to help you sink deeper into proper form. My goal is for you to leave feeling longer, stronger, and completely recharged! 

I want you to feel held, supported, and empowered. This is your time to shut off mum-mode and nourish yourself! You deserve it.


Registration Details for My New Wantage Pilates Class  

My new Pilates class will be held every Wednesday morning from 11am, beginning January 10th. We’ll be flowing in the gorgeous, light-filled studio space at The Beacon in Wantage. 

It’s just £8 per class when you book onto this term time only class. Follow this link to sign up.

Please note that spaces are limited to 10 participants so the classes can fill quickly. Be sure to sign up soon to secure your spot!

I’m so excited to launch this new Pilates class in Wantage and can’t wait to flow with you! Bring a friend if you’d like to make it a fun fitness date. Movement is always more joyful when shared.

If you have any questions at all or need help registering online, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to make this accessible and enjoyable for all my lovely mums.

Now let’s get ready to nourish our bodies and quiet our minds! Follow the link above to sign up for our first class on January 10th. This is going to be such an uplifting start to the new year!


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