Why join Fit & Healthy Mums Online?

We’ve worked so hard to continue Fit & Healthy Mums Online! The last few weeks have been a little different to say the least, however it has shown me what an amazing bunch of ladies you all are and how resilient we can be. After a little bit of learning, I’m also not such a technophobe either!

With such great feedback over the last few weeks, from clients in all sorts of different ‘online’ offerings I thought I would pull it all together and create a positive vibe as to why we are loving teaching online.

  1. Massive convenience, just pop on your trainers and grab some water and hey presto you’re in exercise mode. No need to plan, drive or park the car – or lugging car seats around! Time saving on driving and finding a parking space too!
  2. You are in your own space, so you feel less conscious of your baby and tots, and any needs they have. You just do your thing!
  3. You can get those tots involved! I’ve seen so many little ones joining in over lock down, they have shown me plastic dinosaurs, maths games and even the pet rabbit. All in a days work!
  4. In our live zoom sessions you can still all see each other, have a chat and get that community feel. Plus I can see you, offer adaptations and correct your technique.
  5. Being at home right now is safe, you have your own space, mat and kit to use.
  6. You can choose to exercise wherever you have wifi – living room, kitchen, garden or garage!
  7. Being able to exercise outside gives you the added bonus of not only the post session endorphins but also a daily dose of vitamin D, fresh air and some green space. All great mood boosters.
  8. No need to shower, make up or generally worry about appearance – save some of that for after your class!
  9. If you have joined one of the groups with replays and videos you can choose the time that suits you to exercise, rather than organising your family to join a class at one time.
  10. And the best feedback – you get to try more classes! I’ve been adding in a few new bits and bobs, activation band, kettlebells and legs, bums and tums – all at £5 a class to make it super easy and accessible to join something.

For now, it looks like we will be online for a little while longer. And a much as I miss teaching face to face, helping you all out with your babies and tots and experiencing our community in the ‘real’ world, I think we should take all these positives from our online classes and appointments as right now we need every little one of them!

Check out our online timetable here, or why not sign up for our brand new First Steps Programme – a 6 week course designed specifically for postnatal women to get you feeling fitter, stronger and more ‘you’. We also post regular workouts on our Facebook and Instagram pages – check them out for ideas to keep fit at home.

Stay safe x

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