A dedicated space for midlife women to feel educated and empowered to experience positive peri-menopausal and menopausal years.

It’s a fact. The menopause will affect you and your female friends. You might think it’s ‘just’ when your period stops (and you can no longer get pregnant naturally), but the physical and psychological symptoms of menopause can dramatically impact women’s lives for years, even decades – not to mention that 90% of women will get menopausal symptoms.

If you’re reading this in your late 30’s, you might think the menopause isn’t relevant to you. However, according to The Menopause Charity: “there’s a good chance that you’ll experience some changes in your 40s. Some women experience symptoms in their 30s, or even younger – so you might not realise that they could be linked to perimenopause.”

Think the Menopause is ‘just’ hot flushes? What about the lesser-known symptoms such as thinning hair, vaginal dryness, difficulty sleeping, brain fog, anxiety, memory problems or sore gums?

Many women deal with perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms for years, without seeking help.

We want to empower women to own their menopause by proactively arming themselves with the knowledge they need to understand this important life stage; and more importantly to equip women with evidence-based research to help them spot symptoms and reach out to discuss treatment options with their GP or healthcare professional.

Introducing Meno-Pausing

A class dedicated to all things perimenopausal and menopausal.

Take the time to Pause. To Prepare, Educate & Exercise.

Join our friendly, dedicated space that welcomes any female who wishes to prepare for, or who is experiencing, perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms.

In this positive female-only space, we’ll take the time to share evidence-based, credible knowledge and education to empower you to better cope with the menopause, as well as equip you with lifestyle tips, hacks, and exercise routines to benefit anyone who is experiencing early or surgical menopause, or who is just interested in preparing themselves for this stage of their life!

The Menopausing sessions are a safe space, where no topic is off limits. If something is impacting your way of life then we will be on hand with sensible, practical, credible advice, based on the evidence and our expert level of training.

What happens at a Meno-Pausing class?

At a typical class, expect lots of real talk (we cover everything from sleep hygiene, stress management, nutrition, bone health, heart health, cognitive function and more!), movement, and female solidarity!

We’ll usually begin a class with a topic lead discussion that’s important to the group and explore various types of exercise; everything from cardio, strength training, Pilates and core work. Pelvic floor weakness is a common symptom during and after menopause, with my expertise in this field you can be sure there will be plenty of low impact exercises to aid pelvic floor function too.

As well as focussing on relevant exercise, throughout the 6-week course we’ll also look at ways you can utilise relaxation techniques to manage symptoms, we’ll play brain games to get your mind moving, and look at improving your balance and co-ordination.

In order to help you connect with like-minded women, there is a dedicated WhatsApp Group for those attending sessions to share information, tips and further information – and of course to chat and make friends!

Come along and find your 'tribe', every Friday 12 noon. Wootton Community Centre. OX13 6DA.

Things we love at Fit and Healthy Mums

Benefits of Meno-Pausing

Specific movement and exercise for your life stage

Evidence based

Practical help and advice

Real life strategies

No topic off limits!

Exercise to improve lifestyle choices

Management of symptoms

Dedicated WhatsApp group

Free access to weekly online Pilates classes

Come and find your tribe!

Class Details

20 Minutes for Education & Knowledge Sharing | 40 Minutes Movement & Exercise | Join Pilates Online every Monday evening at 8pm for no extra charge!

Keri, founder of fit and healthy mums

Qualified Experts

Alongside the education and fitness aspects of MenoMovement, Keri has 8 years experience in working in Women’s Health so is able to modify all exercises and give advice on pelvic floor weakness, she is also an Advanced Pilates Practitioner in back pain, a Women’s Health Personal Trainer and has completed training in Optimal Health after Hysterectomy.

A dedicated space for midlife women to feel educated and empowered to experience positive peri-menopausal and menopausal years.