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Congratulations! Your baby is on it's way, and you are looking for lots of advice and knowledge to guide you through. Keri is an expert in this area, delivering amazing specialist support at this very special time. As a mum myself, I completely understand how overwhelming things can become, your worries and concerns and the topics that are important to you. Each client is individual, as is your birth plan and how you decide to feed your baby. There is never any pressure, just honest advice supported by years of training and experience.

Why not try one of our Pilates classes or our 'bumps only' session on a Tuesday evening, with birth education and relaxation intertwined with exercise.

Keri is in Advanced Practitioner in Modern Pregnancy, Functional Exercise and Birth Preparation. As well as an Pilates instructor, advanced back pain specialist and Personal Trainer in Female Health. With a wealth of experience in working with pregnant clients, you are in safe hands!


Prenatal Pilates

Personal Training





Things we love at Fit and Healthy Mums

- A great way to meet other mums to be!
- Lots of advice and tips during sessions
- Ask loads of questions, there is never a silly one or something we haven't heard before - promise!
- Feel positive about yourself, take time to feel calm and energised
- Enjoy exercise during pregnancy in a safe environment with highly trained specialists