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Welcome to our Workshops!

Each month we will be delving deeper and providing courses and education in different topics that are important to you. Our aim is to share with you skills and knowledge that can help you to feel strong and confident - and not necessarily in the fitness and health arena either!

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Pelvic Floor and Postnatal Pelvic Health Workshop

Due to popular demand, we are organising another Pelvic Floor Workshop with Charlotte, a Women's Health Physiotherapist.
Charlotte will be running a 60 minute session on all there is to know about the pelvic floor! We will be covering all sorts of topics including:

-Incontinence, both 'stress' and 'urge'
-Healthy bladder and bowel
-Sexual function and the pelvic floor
-Pelvic floor anatomy

After a break where both Charlotte and Keri will be available for questions, Keri will then teach you the '5 steps' to the perfect pelvic floor. Showing you lots of tips and tricks to ensure that you are fully engaging the pelvic floor and doing those exercises properly.

The feedback from our last workshop was amazing "All women should have to attend this!", "Brilliant, easy to follow and a nice mix of textbook and reality!"

This is suitable for any female! Prenatal, postnatal and those looking to find out more and make positive improvements to their pelvic health.

Babies and tots welcome - playmat and toys will be set out in the room. Keri will be on hand to help out during the session.

More dates coming soon.

postnatal and prenatal workshops and courses

Baby Massage Course

Breath, relax and spend an hour sharing skin to skin contact with your baby. Learn a new skill that you can continue to use for years to come with the original baby massage course.

Baby Massage is a gentle, rhythmical movement using baby massage oil to soothe, relax or stimulate your baby. You will learn how different strokes aim to provide relief from colic or teething, which ones are best at bed time and how to help clear babies cold.

A 5 week course, accredited by the Royal College of Midwives, you will learn:

- Group introductions, sharing tips to massage at home, different positions and holds for baby massage. Practical massage of legs and reflexology for the feet.
- Tummy troubles, lots of sharing of tips and tricks to help soothe baby and more!
- Practical massage of arms, chest, tummy, legs and feet.
- Practical massage of face, back, chest, arms, tummy, legs and feet - our longest massage!
- Practical recap of all massage strokes.

Each participant will receive information to take home with them, be able to practice the exercises and massage techniques in their own time.

You just need to bring yourself, your baby and a couple of blankets - we will do the rest!

Suitable from birth. Partners and grandparents are welcome to join.

Private appointments available, either on a 1-2-1 basis, for follow ups after the 5 week course or for antenatal groups.

£60 per family

postnatal and prenatal workshops and courses
postnatal and prenatal workshops and courses

C-section Recovery Workshop

Come and join us for this workshop made especially for those ladies who have had a C-section, or are planning to have a C-section. A tailored 2 hour workshop where you will find out:

- More about the procedure
- Impact of a C section on your core and wider systems
- The healing process from early days to long term
- Massage techniques to aid recovery that you can do at home
- How to return to exercise
- Practical session of key movements to gain core strength

Each participant will receive information to take home with them, be able to practice the exercises and massage techniques in their own time.

Run by Keri, an expert in pre and postnatal fitness and recovery programmes. And Kim our highly trained specialist abdominal scar massage therapist.

Babies, tots and children welcome.

New dates coming soon.

postnatal and prenatal workshops and courses

Diastasis Recti & Postnatal Core Workshop

A 90 minute workshop to learn about your postnatal core! We will be working through how to check for diastasis recti, any symptoms or pain sites, signs of weakness. Then spending most of our time learning techniques and exercises to help re strengthen to core and work on your postnatal abs.

More dates coming soon