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Welcome to our Workshops!

Each month we will be delving deeper and providing courses and education in different topics that are important to you. Our aim is to share with you skills and knowledge that can help you to feel strong and confident - and not necessarily in the fitness and health arena either!

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Balanced Eating and Sustainable Weight Loss for Mums

An informative and practical workshop with Abi, a registered nutritionist to learn simple, easy and budget friendly ways to help lose the baby weight - in a friendly, social and relaxed session.

This is an area we are often asked lots of questions on, and our approach is always about a balanced and sensible diet, to ensure you are providing essential nutrients to your body for your postnatal recovery.

In this workshop you will learn:
- Key elements of a healthy and balanced postnatal diet.
- The psychology of eating and how you respond to your changing environment.
- Portion sizes and it's role in nutrition.
- How to deal with stress, using exercise and other lifestyle factors that can help.

There will be a practical element to this session, where the group will make lunch and then share it together, having time to ask questions and delve a little deeper into topics you would like to explore.

There will be an opportunity for some individual time with Abi and/or Keri during the session.

A pre workshop questionnaire will be sent out to gauge dietary needs and preferences to ascertain the lunch menu!

All notes will be sent electronically after the workshop for reference.

There will be a coffee morning organised for attendees, 3 months after this workshop for you to catch up and share ideas that have worked for you.

Babies and tots welcome - playmat and toys will be set out in the room. Keri will be on hand to help out during the session.

8th May, 10am - 1.30pm. Sunningwell Village Hall, OX13 6RD.

£30 per person, including lunch and handouts.