Keri Young – Founder, ideas woman and guru of reality!

In 2012, after the birth of my third child I felt that I wanted to return to the world of ‘work’ having taken a career break from Finance and Retail Marketing. I had enjoyed many groups with my children and wanted to give something back to the local community. I enjoyed exercise and well-being prior to the birth of my children, using the gym, running and attending various classes including Zumba and Spin. Now I have added HIIT sessions, bike rides with the children and high impact aerobics too! Exercise was always my ‘me time’ and I feel so much better for being active.

When I was pregnant, I found the advice and information conflicting and confusing. I found myself not exercising as much as I wanted to as over researching online, I found lots of ‘not recommended’ in pregnancy so subsequently reduced my activity levels ‘just in case’. I gained more weight than I wanted to and didn’t maintain my fitness levels, I had to work hard to get back to where I started.

Fit and Healthy Mums was ‘born’ from a need to offer the correct help, advice and guidance to women in a non-judgemental environment. Many of my clients will tell you that this project is my 4th child as I feel passionately that the local community benefits from these services. Each and every service we offer and every class that is available all started from client suggestions and this community has naturally developed into something much larger and relied upon by local women.


Fitness Instructor

Personal Trainer

3rd Age Women, Peri and Menopausal Women global certification.

Optimal Health after hysterectomy

Pre and Postnatal Specialism

Advanced CPD in Modern Pregnancy Functional Exercise and Birth Preparation Programming

Fitness Pilates Instructor

Kettlebell Instructor

Specialist practitioner of Diastasis Detective and Pelvic Programmes

Baby Massage Instructor and member of International Association of Infant Massage

Adult and Paediatric First Aid

DBS Check

Keri, founder of fit and healthy mums