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If you're reading this - congratulations! You've just taken your First Step to a more confident, stronger and fitter version of yourself. We know how difficult this stage of your life can be. Whether it be the long late nights, the marathon feeding sessions, the constant lifting and carrying and the overwhelming tiredness, we are here to support you every step of the way.  

First Steps is a 6 week course designed specifically for postnatal women. We know there's a huge amount of conflicting information out there (or in some cases, none at all!) and so we've designed this course to deliver effective and safe information straight to you, in the comfort of your own home.

In our recent survey, we found: 79% of mums wanted a better explanation of their postnatal core and the correct exercises to aid recovery. 68% of postnatal women wanted a better understanding of how to do their pelvic floor properly and 75% of ladies surveyed requested more information on diastasis recti and what to do.

Getting to class may be tricky, this course is a great starting point to rebuild your physical and mental well being. In our eyes you are always postnatal, so if  your baby is less than a year old you will find this course massively beneficial

We've taken a holistic approach to our First Step course. We won't tell you how to 'snap-back' to your pre-pregnancy body. That's just not possible right now. Your body has undergone an amazing transformation, and needs time and care to heal correctly. The First Steps course will give you credible, evidence based advice from an experienced postnatal specialist to guide you through:

  • Reactivation of core muscles
  • Posture and alignment pointers
  • Abdominal exercises to gain strength in the core
  • Pelvic floor recommendations
  • Do's and Don'ts of diastasis recti
  • Breathing technique and why this is so important
  • How to feed your baby and save your back
  • Best practice in lifting and carrying to ensure best posture
  • Glute activation work - important for back pain
  • Posture tips for pushing the pram and/or pushchair
  • Best practice for sling wearing
  • Stretch work
  • Relaxation and breathing on audio
  • Recipes for easy to make, nutritious meals
Did you Know...

60% of postnatal women experience diastasis recti

30% of postnatal women experience some form of leakage or incontinence

70% experience leakage when exercising in the postnatal period

30% of births are C-sections, meaning you have had abdominal surgery and need to heal properly and slowly before you resume impact exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the First Steps Programme?

This programme is a full body holistic approach, designed to aid postnatal women to gently and safely return to exercise. You will not only be focusing on the building blocks of post partum care such as breathing strategy, abdominal exercise and pelvic floor, but you will be learning how to move around at home to reduce back pain and pressures on your core – those things that you don’t realise counteract the abdominal exercises! Just think how many times you lift your baby or feed during the day –  we can work with you to improve the way you do these tasks to aid your postnatal recovery.

What are the benefits of the First Steps programme?

There are so many benefits to this programme, not only will you feel stronger and more in control of your postnatal recovery, you will be receiving up to date, expert led advice from the expert!

How does the First Steps Programme work?

The First Steps Course is a 6 week programme. Simply sign up on this page, and receive instant access to the entire course full of videos, recipes and ‘mum hacks’ to get you on the road to a fitter, stronger, you.

Why ‘build blocks’ before heading to a class and jumping straight back into your normal exercise routine?

Your body has been through a lot. Pregnancy, labour and now postnatal recovery. How ever your baby arrived, you will need to think about things a little differently. Your pelvic floor will need to feel strong again, your abdominal muscles need to strengthen – if anything to lift a growing baby who is going to get heavier! That car seat is a load on your system. Jumping straight back into what you did before may actually worsen some of those symptoms, this programme can show you how to safely build back up to where you were and further if you wish. Firstly we need to ensure that your body is ‘functional’ and ‘pain free’ before embarking on heavy exercising.

How do I access the content?

The video content will be available for you to view and replay as many times as you need. Other content such as recipe cards, can be downloaded to keep.

How do I sign up?

Sign up on this page today to receive full access to the course content. You’ll need to answer a few short questions on your general health and let us know of any medical conditions.

How much does the course cost?

The First Steps Course is £47 for a 6 week course.

The First Steps programme delivers a 6 week programme for you to use at a time that suits you. If you need anymore persuasion, just check out our reviews from the many hundreds of postnatal women we help every day!


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Benefits of First Steps Programme

Created for mums, by mums.

Delivered by highly qualified postnatal experts.

6 week programme specifically designed for postnatal women.

Safe, effective exercise to get you feeling confident, strong and more like 'you' again.

Video demonstrations and classes available when you're ready.

Complete the programme in your own time, in your own home.

Credible, evidence based information and advice.

Keri, founder of fit and healthy mums

Designed by Qualified Experts

The First Steps programme is based on Keri's 8 years of experience working with postnatal women, and a host of qualifications earned through her hard work and dedication in providing the highest level of pre and postnatal care. View Keri's extensive list of qualifications here.


Client Testimonials

Working with Keri has improved my fitness, my energy, my confidence and my health after having my baby and I've been so pleased with the results!

Kerry P

I'm so glad I found you!

Joanna C

Thank you so much for your amazing work. When I first saw you I was leaking even when I walked. 6 weeks on I feel so much better and in complete control.

Katie W

This morning I've woken up with no knee pain - you are amazing!

Megan R

Things with my pelvic floor and stomach muscles are going well. So well in fact that I'd like to cancel our next session!

Georgia P

What you're doing is fantastic. I feel great and you are making such a difference!

Alice F