Welcome to Fit & Healthy Mums @home

Welcome! It's great to have you onboard, I'm really excited to bring you all the different classes we offer at Fit and Healthy Mums, straight to your home.  You can mix and match the different styles and depending on the time you have, create longer workouts. Why not try something new?

Each week there will be a new workout added into the library for you to try, along with your favourites.

Track your progress with the fitness test, check your form with the technique videos and add in some relaxation.

Please make sure you watch the safety information before you start and you have completed the screening form that you received via email.

Should you be experiencing any common pre or postnatal conditions such as SPD/PGP, back pain, diastasis recti, weakened pelvic floor, incontinence, prolapse or any other complication. Please make sure you listen to the techniques in the videos and make the appropriate adaptions.

If you are joining us as a pregnant client, where exercises are demonstrated laying on your back or tummy please choose the relevant adaptions eg tummy laying to all 4's. You may choose to swap some movements to a lighter exercise eg a child's pose, cat to cow or superman, depending on how you are feeling.

Keri is available for Postnatal Assessments, Women's Health Personal Training and 1-2-1 Appointments either in person or via zoom - please email for availability - keri@fitandhealthymumsuk.com. If you are experiencing any women's health symptoms I would recommend an appointment.

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