Feeling Overwhelmed? Strength Training to the Rescue!

Hey ladies, raise your hand if you’ve felt extra stressed and emotionally drained lately *raises both hands high*. As much as we try to power through, the mental load we carry as mothers and professionals can get EXHAUSTING! I’m here to share an incredibly effective stress-relieving tool that continues to keep me grounded through chaotic […]

Pilates: A Gentle Yet Powerful Practice for Pregnancy

Hey lovely mamas-to-be! Now that you have a little one on the way, you might be wondering how to safely continue exercise through your pregnancy journey and beyond. Let me introduce you to the incredible benefits of Pilates! This low-impact movement practice helps maintain strength and flexibility while expecting and can even ease some common […]

Finding Balance amidst a Busy Schedule

Hey Busy Mamas, Let’s Talk About Finding Balance I know so many of you wear multiple hats (and switch them out so fast you feel dizzy!). Between building careers, raising little ones, managing households, and trying to nurture partnerships – whew, it’s a lot! With so many demands on your time, I know fitting in […]

Struggling to Stay Motivated on Your Fitness Journey? Here’s Help!

I get it, my busy mama friends. With all you have going on, it’s hard to keep up the motivation to exercise consistently. Some days getting in a workout feels totally impossible, am I right? But I promise, with the right mindset and support network in place, you can crush your goals and establish sustainable […]

How did you start 2024?

Can you believe January is nearly over? I hope the past month has treated you well, my lovelies! I know the post-holiday period can spur that urge in many of us to try and “reset” after all of those rich indulgences. But as I’m fond to say, quick fixes and extreme diets are not the […]

Feel Empowered and Supported: My Personal Training for Oxfordshire Women

Seeking a Female Personal Trainer in Oxfordshire? As a busy mum of three and fitness professional, I know firsthand the challenges we face trying to prioritise our health and fitness after having children. Between the endless mummy to-do lists and extra demands pregnancy puts on our bodies, feeling strong and ready to exercise can feel […]

Find Your Zen: My New Pilates Class Launching in Wantage

Pilates Classes in Wantage for Busy Mums Happy New Year, my lovelies! I don’t know about you, but after all the indulgence of the holiday season, I’m craving some gentle movement and mindfulness to refresh my body and spirit.  That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be launching a brand new Pilates class in […]

Self-Care Starts Now: Refueling After the Festivities

Strength & Conditioning classes for new mums Well lovelies, we made it through another holiday season! I don’t know about you, but after all those scrumptious treats and celebratory cheer, January has me craving a little balance. I’m still glowing from precious moments with my littles but I can feel my get-up-and-go starting to lag. […]

how to stay motivated to workout in the heat.

Stay motivated to workout in the heat

  Phew! What a hot few weeks we’ve been having! I’m not complaining as I absolutely love any excuse to be outside, but sometimes this heat can play havoc with my motivation to exercise – and I know from chatting to a few of you ladies that you want to know how to stay motivated to […]

Smart Goals for Summer image

SMART goals for Summer Success

Are you looking to make a positive change to your health and fitness routine before Summer? Set SMART Goals! I find many of my clients come to me at this point in the year as they want to head into the summer months feeling their best. Now that the weather is brighter and the days […]