Phew! What a hot few weeks we’ve been having! I’m not complaining as I absolutely love any excuse to be outside, but sometimes this heat can play havoc with my motivation to exercise – and I know from chatting to a few of you ladies that you want to know how to stay motivated to workout in the heat. Our children tend to find it harder to sleep – so couple your naturally lower motivation levels with tiredness from grouchy, hot, tired babies it’s easy to see why many of us flounder with how to stay motivated to workout in the heat. When all you want to do is sit in the garden and have a G&T, it can be hard to lace those trainers up and get moving. That’s why I’ve put together my top tips to keep you moving and motivated in the heat this summer!

How to Stay Motivated when Working out in the heat:

Choose your workout time wisely!
It’s so much cooler in the mornings that it is later in the afternoon and evenings right now. Humidity also gets higher throughout the day, so an early morning workout will be your best option in this hot weather. I don’t know about you, but I always feel so much more refreshed, energised, and ready to tackle the day if I’ve exercised early! Plus, you can feel smug that you’ve already done your workout for the day before most people are even out of bed!
Mix up your routine.
If you’re normally a runner, but the thought of your usual long run in this heat gets you feeling even more hot under the collar, then try mixing up your workouts. Use this beautiful summer weather to try something new and switch up your exercise style. Fit & Healthy Mums offer a range of classes – from outdoor fitness at Buggyfit, to a more relaxed indoor Pilates session (all of which are child and baby friendly!) – check out our timetable and try something new this week.
Bring a friend.
It’s a well-known fact that having accountability in exercise helps keep you motivated – and what could be more motivating than knowing your friend is waiting in the park for you to train together on a beautiful summer’s morning? Grab one of your mum-friends (after all, they’re the ones who’ll be just as sleep deprived as you are) and get out in the fresh morning air together. Plan to grab a coffee after and you’re on to a real winner of a morning! If you’re looking to meet new mum friends, join us for Buggy fit every Tuesday in Albert Park, Abingdon, for fitness, fun and new friendships!
Planning is key.
It’s so easy during the summer months to get caught up in the spontaneous BBQs, after work G&Ts in the pub garden and fun days out whilst the sun is shining. Whilst I’m all for enjoying every moment of summer, it’s still key for your mental and physical health that you find time to exercise. I like to set aside time for my workouts and plan them into my diary like any other important event. Sit down at the end of each week and plan for your next – when you see your workouts in the diary, you’re more likely to take the time seriously.
Workout on holiday
When you go away on holiday, it can be easy to think that your exercise routine doesn’t matter. However, I always try to remind myself how good I feel when I’ve given myself that hour before the kids get up in the morning – being on holiday is no different! Did you know Fit & Healthy Mums offers a range of online classes and memberships that enable you to workout anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection? Take a look at our online classes today, and plan which one you’re taking on holiday with you this summer.
Take it outside!
It may seem counter-intuitive to workout outside in this weather, but provided you find lots of shade and bring plenty of water with you, it’s a fantastic way to stay motivated with your fitness – you don’t feel like you’re missing out on a beautiful summer’s day if you’re outside in it! Grab a large picnic blanket and take the kids too! They can play in the shade whilst you get a workout in. If you prefer working out with a group, join us for our fab outdoor Buggyfit classes every Tuesday in Abingdon.
Get the kids involved.
Ultimately, summer is all about having fun outdoors – so do exactly that! Take the kids on a bike ride, play football in the park, find an outdoor swimming pool or simply go for a walk and enjoy this gorgeous weather. Exercise doesn’t need to be an all-out high intensity interval session – especially if you’re struggling in the heat. Plan to be outdoors with your family and just enjoy summer!
Keep hydrated and wear SPF!
Now I know I don’t need to tell you this… but it is SO important to ensure you’re drinking more water than you usually would during this heat – especially if you’re working out in it. Grab yourself a decent water bottle, keep drinking, and… WEAR SUNCREAM!

I hope you’ve found these tips useful – if you want to take your fitness one step further this summer, why not contact me for some personal training sessions? With one-on-one time, we can work together to smash your summer goals. Get in touch today!

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