Self-Care Starts Now: Refueling After the Festivities

Strength & Conditioning classes for new mums

Well lovelies, we made it through another holiday season! I don’t know about you, but after all those scrumptious treats and celebratory cheer, January has me craving a little balance. I’m still glowing from precious moments with my littles but I can feel my get-up-and-go starting to lag.

Now is the time for nourishing our bodies and minds with the TLC we deserve. No need for quick fixes or punishing detoxes! Instead, let’s focus on self-care with realistic tweaks to leave us feeling stronger, lighter, and ready to shine in 2024. I want to empower and inspire you like the badass mums you are. 

Progress won’t happen overnight so be patient with yourself! But with some simple shifts, we’ll have you feeling like your best self again.

So tell me, what are your health goals this year? Share in the comments and let’s do this together! 

But first, try these practical tips I’ve seen work wonders for hundreds of mums over the years…


Demystifying Strength Training for Busy Mums in Oxfordshire

I know it can feel scary approaching those weights racks, machines, and kettlebells as a woman! Let’s tackle some common misconceptions to show why strength training is for EVERY body:

“I’ll get bulky and masculine” – False! Females don’t have enough testosterone to pack on muscle mass. At most, you’ll tone, not bulk, and reveal those gorgeous curves!

“It’s not safe” – False! When done with proper form, strength training reduces injury risk by stabilising joints and improving bone health! I’ll teach you safe techniques.

“It’s too hard” – No way, lovelies! We build up slowly and I’ll give you modifications so every exercise suits YOUR ability. Small starts create big changes over time!

The REAL benefits are seriously empowering:

Burn calories long after your workout is over

→ Relieve back pain and body aches from lugging littles

→ Grow stronger to keep up with busy mum life demands!

→ Boost confidence in your superhero mama bod!

My approach ensures you feel safe, supported, and set up to become your strongest self yet. We celebrate each little win and focus on appreciating what YOUR unique body can achieve!


What Our Strength & Conditioning Classes for mums in Oxfordshire include…

In my specialised strength programming, we focus on mastering FOUNDATIONAL MOVEMENTS that mimic real-life demands as mamas. Things like learning to squat and lunge with perfect form translate to safely lifting littles all day long!

We progressively load intensity over time once you’ve built a movement vocabulary. Using top compound exercises like:

→ Bodyweight squats

→ Dumbbell walking lunges

→ Resistance band rows

→ Kettlebell deadlifts

→ TRX presses

I utilise various equipment like dumbbells, resistance bands, and kettlebells so your muscles never adapt. We clearly outline proper techniques for each new tool. No prior experience is needed!

Class formats give a fun dose of variety with intervals like Tabata, circuits focused on one movement pattern, or even EMOM (every minute on the minute) blocks to switch things up. The group environment keeps motivation high!

My goal is equipping busy mamas like you with transferable strength for chasing toddlers and carrying groceries with ease! We celebrate your hard-earned power in every sesh!


More Than Just a Workout – Strength Training for busy mums in Oxfordshire

While I’ll definitely work you hard during our strength sessions, my classes offer so much MORE than just a workout! We nurture body AND mind with:

→ A supportive sisterhood celebrating wins, big or small. Leave ego aside!

→ Small groups enhance accountability and collaboration. Teamwork makes the dream work!

→ General or specialised nutrition guidance if desired. Fuel properly to maximise results!

I want to empower women to feel their absolute best, inside and out! Sessions involve just as much inner work, self-care, and positivity boosting as physical training. 

Consider me your biggest cheerleader reminding you of that badass mama you see in the mirror!

We’ll block out comparison, negative self-talk, or unrealistic ideals. Instead, channel love inward and move in ways that make YOU feel strong. You got this!


Getting Started with Postnatal Strength Training

My next 4-week Strength & Conditioning course in Oxfordshire launches Thursday January 18th at 11 am. We meet at Christchurch Hall, Abingdon. Sessions are just £9.

Suitable for ANY mum wanting to gain confidence, relieve aches, or simply feel stronger in her body! Total beginners so welcome. I’ll provide all necessary modifications so ANY fitness level can succeed.

Let’s do this together! Click HERE to enroll for our next round and claim your spot in class!

I hope I’ve shown how strength training offers us so much MORE than aesthetic goals. My approach enables busy mamas to gain energy, mobility, confidence, and power to tackle daily demands with ease.

If a supportive sisterhood focused on safe, accessible fitness in a judgement-free zone sounds good to you, don’t hesitate! Enroll for my next 4-week Strength & Conditioning course launching January 18th.

Drop me a comment or send a DM! I genuinely love helping mamas rise up and can’t wait for YOU to discover your inner badass too.



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