Back Pain – Top Tips to Release Your Back

Back Pain – Lots of antenatal and postnatal ladies complain of back ache and pain, it’s a common complaint that we see weekly – sometimes daily.

Back pain is surprisingly common, but can be complex, and a result of many different factors from hips, alignment, posture, diastasis recti, pelvic floor weakness, injury to name a few. The way you lift, carry and go about your daily tasks has a huge impact on the way your body responds.

No matter what the issues, we know you just need a little relief so here are our top 3 stretches to help ease back pain:

  1. Chest to knee stretch, add a little rock if it feels like the back muscles are releasing.
  2. Cat to cow stretch – as a hold of a dynamic movement.
  3. Seated toe touches, add in a reach to the ceiling.

Pilates is a great way to aid mobility and reduce pain in the back, by strengthening and lengthening muscles, aiming to get them to work in a more optimal way. Check out our timetable to find a class near you. Keri is an advanced Pilates Instructor, not only in pre and postnatal women but also has the advanced certificate in back pain and is a Personal Trainer – so you are in safe hands. The NHS website also offers some useful advice on how to deal with back pain.

With a wealth of training, we are able to provide a range of specialist programmes that are completely unique to you. We work on a full body approach to solve the symptoms you are experiencing, so yes we will cover movement and exercise but also think about nutrition, lifestyle, posture and how you recruit your body to do the things you ask it to do! Get in touch today for more information on our range of services.

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