Feeling hot, hot hot?

Hands up who is sweaty, sticky and just feeling a bit grim! We all love the sunshine and the opportunity it gives us to get outdoors. The feeling of the sun and warmth on our skin, the top up of vitamin D and the longer evenings can make us feel great – and have a positive mindset too. But sometimes it can all just get a bit much, I know that a combination of a 30 degree day with my clan climbing all over me is not going to keep me cool!


So here are our top tips to keep cool in a heatwave:

- Wear appropriate clothing, babies can be just down to their nappy or nothing at all! Keep them in the shade or inside out of the suns harmful rays. You need cotton, loose clothing as all that skin to skin contact with baby can get you both hot and bothered.
- Keep up the water – literally litres of the stuff everyday. It’s hot, your baby is thirsty and you are feeding more. Even if you’re not breastfeeding being well hydrated will help your mood and tolerance as we all know that babies are often unsettled when its warm – which is hard work. Why not add some sugar free cordial or use a diffuser water bottle to add fresh fruit in. Or make some flavoured ice cubes using fresh fruit juices, easy ways to change the flavour!
- Keep the house cool, windows open, curtains and blinds closed. Use fans, away from little fingers to move the air around. If you have some spare ice pop it in front of the fan and it will cool the air down.
- Keep the air moist – when it’s hot the air is dry and the humidity peaks. Get the washing done and hang it up inside, rinse some towels and hang them on radiators or even run the shower for the ‘steam’.
- Get out in the early morning or evening sunshine, its cooler and less humid. Enjoy all the benefits of the warm weather without getting sticky!- Even though the heat can reduce your appetite you still need the energy to get all those daily tasks done. Think moisture filled foods like fruits, melon and apples. Store them in the fridge to keep them cool.
- Don’t exercise in the midday sun, we all know that between 11am – 3pm the sun is at its strongest. Either exercise inside in a well ventilated area, or find a good shady breezy spot. Reducing the impact of your workout down is also important as its much more challenging in the warmth.
- There are also some more obscure suggestions that you may resort to! Put your sheets in the freezer and then make your bed for a cold nights sleep ahead, fill your hot water bottle with cold water, freeze and then pop on the sofa to sit with whilst feeding. Or you could try putting damp flannels in the freezer, put them in a plastic container and then when you are out and about they should retain some of the cold for a refreshing wipe!

If you have some hints and tips to share with other mums, feel free to use our facebook page or the closed social group.

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