Relaxation – The Importance of ‘You’ Time

The importance of relaxation is something that we’re sure all of our mums are guilty of overlooking!

We know you’re busy …. There are so many things that ‘need’ to be done and there are little people who require your attention. Relaxation is the last thing on your mind! For 2 minutes, just focus on you – sounds good right?! No distractions, find a quiet spot (locking yourself in the bathroom is allowed) and read on!

Did you know that practicing relaxation techniques can help to:
– Lower your heart rate
– Slow your breathing down
– Reduce stress hormones including insulin and cortisol
– Reduce muscle tension
– Aid your digestive function
– Increase blood flow to major muscles …. And many more besides.

It can help to clear your head, empty a busy ‘to do list’, feel more in control and relax you, making you feel more confident and ready to face your next task. And who doesn’t need some of that?!

There are lots of ways you can incorporate some relaxation time into your day, but remember everyone is different and some people will consider some as stimulant rather than relaxing – so you get to pick! Why not try a walk in the fresh air, going to a green space, drink a cup of herbal tea, put on some restful music (Alexa has some fab playlists), pick up a book, try breathing or meditation. Stretch, smell the flowers in the garden or call a friend …. Just choose wisely, its for you.

We recently taught a ‘Summer Chill’ Pilates class, with an emphasis on stretch, release and relaxation. We focused on breathing technique, visualisation and incorporating all the senses. Topped off by herbal tea and a little natter – much fun was had by all and everyone left a little lighter and ready to hit the pillow! Look out for another session soon.

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