Why Training Outside is SO Important

Why is training outside important?

It’s damp, dark, a bit chilly and to be honest the sofa is comfy ….. but motivating yourself to get training outside is so important, especially this time of year.

Those little voices in your head say, ‘it’s too wet’, ‘I don’t need to’, ‘I will go next time’, ‘I must get those jobs done instead’ …. But do you know what? There is also one voice in your head that says, ‘I need to move’, ‘I need fresh air,’ ‘I want an adult conversation’ and ‘I need to get out’. And that’s the one that’s right! All the heating, dry air and the same four walls will drive you round the bend, and you won’t feel so great. Getting your step count in can be really challenging when there are only a few hours of daylight – and let’s face it, getting out of the house with a baby is a challenge anyway!

Did you know all the benefits of outdoor training?

  • Mood boosting
  • Mental Health benefits
  • Strength training
  • Bone Health
  • Heart Health
  • Social inclusion and shared experiences
  • Increased fitness levels
  • Better sleep

Plus, your baby will sleep better if they have been outside in the fresh air! Now if that isn’t a reason to lace up those trainers and get outside, we don’t know what is!

Here are our top tips for our outdoor buggyfit classes:

  • Wear layers, waterproof on top … but I promise you will be down to your base layer in 10 minutes!
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Pop the rain cover on the buggy, it can act as a bit of a shield form the wind.
  • Add a small hot water bottle into the buggy to keep your baby snuggly!
  • Bring your phone – swap numbers with other mums and take that important ‘I did it’ photo!
  • Bring your purse! We usually find a few of our mums will head to the nearest coffee shop after class for a hot chocolate and a natter!

What more persuasion do you need to get out of the house today?! Check out our buggyfit classes and come along for some outdoor fun and fresh air!

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