10 Top Tips for Trimester 4

From the moment your baby is born, it all feels a bit hazy! There are so many things happening, information to take in as well as your own recovery and emotions. Trimester 4 is those first 12 weeks of being a Mum, where everything is new and we all just muddle our way through, but our 10 tips should ease you in!

1. Be Realistic! If you started a new job you wouldn’t be up to speed on everything by the end of your first day – and nor will you with a new baby. It’s a learning curve, just take it one step at a time.
2. Ask for help – we are really bad at asking others to help out. But you should take up those offers and be kind to yourself, and your baby.
3. Try to sleep, its really challenging to sleep when your baby is small. I remember constantly checking and not really resting, I call it the ‘Mum doze’ where you always have one ear open! The quality of your sleep is reduced and your body is adjusting to the demands of your baby, if you can’t sleep – rest.
4. Join mums groups – get out and about when you feel ready and start talking to other new parent’s. You will soon realise that everyone else is facing the same challenges.
5. Treat yourself, it could be anything! A feeding bra that actually fits, a lovely oversized muslin square to aid feeding or a new lipstick! Just something that makes you feel nice.
6. Take a walk, fresh air is a brilliant antidote to cabin fever or a low mood. Your baby will equally enjoy the change of scenery and will probably sleep better for it too!
7. Make a hair appointment! Doesn’t have to be soon, but just carve an hour out in the diary for you.
8. Gentle Movements, when you are ready. Everyone recovers differently from labour, but when you feel ready begin with some pelvic floor, pelvic tilts and the bridge exercise. Walking will start to build strength too.
9. Create a ‘routine’ – I don’t mean an actual routine, just a feeling of a pattern or tuning into the cycle of sleep and feeding. Listening out for those different pitches of cry will often help this too.
10. Be you! We all have our own style of parenting and how we want to be a mum. Don’t follow others or feel forced into advice. We always know that ‘Mums know best’, trust your instincts and go with it.

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