7 Top Tips to guide you through Christmas!

Christmas isn’t just one day, or even 3 or 4 days of ‘holiday’ it is a whole month of preparation, shopping and organising. And that’s before we get to the socialising, food, nativity plays and wrapping of gifts!
So here our my top 7 things to make your Christmas a little more manageable!
1. Hatch a plan – keep a diary, write down your family activities, who wants to do what and when. Leave enough time for ‘relaxing’ and enjoying your own family time. If it’s all written down it will be easier to organise food, routines and a sleep pattern.
2. Routine or not – some families love the freedom of holiday time and throw out the routine completely, and their babies and tots cope with it all amazingly well. My children were not like this at all, one late night and they were grumpy for 2 days! Decide if you are going to maintain a routine of bed times and meal times or relax them down for the holidays. Setting this out to start with will make life a little easier ie see point 1, plan!
3. Please yourself – please, please, please take just a little time for YOU. Us mums spend most of our time organising, actioning and being one step ahead of everyone else. Block out some ‘me time’ take advantage of family members who are around to help, book a massage! Just take a little downtime.
4. Water- drink loads! It will help you be full hydrated, clear a bad head, you will function much more efficiently and as a bonus will help to flush out the toxins of the rich food you are eating.
5. Fresh air – take it! Walk, run, mooch around the sales, whatever takes your fancy but some fresh air will do you the world of good. A real mood changer …. If your family has a dog then make sure you take them out. You will feel energised when you return!
6. Take photos – everything happens at such a speed and with busy families all bustling around some of the very precious moments can be forgotten. Do you have a photo taken in the same spot each year? My kids take it in turns to either put the star on top of the tree, be official tree lights ‘switcher on’ (sorry poor English, but the phrase has stuck now!) or switch on the outside lights.
7. Make memories – it’s holiday time, a very special time of year. Have fun, laugh, catch up with friends and family. Enjoy and choose to do the things you love – whatever that maybe! Try not to do too many things you have to do!

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