What is a Women’s Health PT?

Many years ago when I started training as a Fitness Professional, after my third child, little did I know quite where I would end up! Fitness and Health covers such a huge spectrum of services and areas of specialism, I followed my passion into Female Health and became a Women’s Health PT.

So, what does being a Women’s Health PT mean?

I work with women and this often coincides with a ‘life event’ that can see changes to the body, both physically and mentally.

These life stages could be anything from Trying to Conceive, Pregnancy, Postnatal or Menopause. During these times the female body can be complex, there is often too much information and this can lead to overwhelm and confusion. So, my job is cut through all the noise and deliver fun, social and results based sessions that are based on evidence and a whole multitude of training.

What does a typical session look like?

When a client comes to see me, we often talk for most of the first session. What are your goals?, What’s stopping you get there?, What are your frustrations? (out come the tissues), What does your day look like? As women, we often spend all of our time looking after and worrying about others, and we often don’t take any time for ourselves. What I am focused on is finding easy things we can change, lifestyle influences and areas that may be more of a challenge.

Setting Goals

Your goals may be traditional ones, maybe you want to lose a few pounds, tone up. Maybe there is an anniversary or holiday you are working towards. But as a Women’s Health PT, sometimes clients goals are focused on being pain free, more confident or feel like they want to go out more.

If a client is displaying symptoms of prolapse or incontinence, maybe they have had a hysterectomy and are now in peri menopause at an age younger than they thought – these are all real and currently represent some of my current clients. Their goals will be very different – imagine having worn incontinence pads for years and then having the freedom that you don’t need them anymore. Or maybe you come along and we have a chat, we work on your posture and you are experiencing back pain. With some core work, eliminating diastasis recti, you can now carry the kids much more securely and be pain free.


Taking time for ourselves, whether that be reading a book, taking a walk or calling a friend. These are massively important for our wellbeing and I often ‘prescribe’ these for clients homework – as well as some exercises!

I am often asked about postnatal and how long is postnatal, for me, if you didn’t have time in the traditional postnatal sense to prioritise yourself, then you probably are still ‘postnatal’ in terms of the work that we may need to do. Some clients will get in touch when their youngest goes to school, or when they know they don’t plan to have any more little ones. Often women will say ‘its too late’, but there is always something we can do to improve, your heath, fitness and sense of wellbeing.

More Information

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