Birth Preparation

I was so happy to find Fit and Healthy Mums when I reached the second trimester of my pregnancy. Keeping fit and healthy throughout pregnancy was very important to me, having been very active previously and from my very first Fit4birth class I knew I had found the perfect place for me.

For first time mummies, second time or even third and fourth, Keri and her team create such a warm, friendly and inclusive space for mums to be to workout at their own pace, stay healthy and to socialise, building up a network of mum friends, especially important for us first time mothers.

It was at one of these classes that Keri told us about her new series of 4 pregnancy workshops that she was working on and I jumped at the chance to get involved (although not very high with my growing bump). I was 34 weeks by this time and my approach so far had been to try as many different things as possible, after all when you are brand new to something, forewarned is forearmed! I had already loved the Hypnobirthing with Fit and Healthy Mums, tried an active birth workshop and NCT, you name it and I had probably tried it. All of these classes had been great to get involved with, each one I had learnt something from, however they all focused on a very specific aspect of the process. I felt I was missing a rounded view of the whole process from prenatal, through labour and then onto dealing with myself and baby in the fourth trimester, for me this is where Fit and Healthy Mums pregnancy workshop stood out.

The course is split into 4, 1 and a half hour sessions, covering a vast range of topics like what to take and what not to take to the hospital, nutrition for pregnancy, a Pilates and pelvic floor session, a perineal massage you partner doesn’t have to get involved with, (hooray!) relaxation and breathing techniques for labour, what to expect during labour and my favourite session, what to expect once baby has arrived and how to deal with the aftermath on your mind and body.

Being a mother of 3, there isn’t much Keri hasn’t done or seen and I found her knowledge incredibly useful, there was no subject or question off limits. Each session was relaxed, fun and informal and it being a small group of women, I felt empowered to ask questions that I may not have felt comfortable asking in a mixed group like my NCT classes.

I cannot recommend this workshop enough. Keri filled in so many of the blanks for me that I felt were missing from the other courses I had done. Every session I looked forward to going to, made a great new group of mummy to be friends and we had such a laugh throughout. A huge thumbs up to Fit and Healthy Mums and I can’t wait for our baby to arrive so I can get involved with the postnatal classes!

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