Keeping it Fresh

I am often asked how we should ‘keep up the good work’, what happens as things ‘plateau out’ or need a ‘boost’ to maintain our good intentions. For me these questions are often the crux of the issue … we shouldn’t be all about the quick fixes or the need to constantly ‘better ourselves’. Lets face if, life is tough enough already and the juggling of your own needs against your family would send a tight rope walker into a cold sweat…. So how should we play it?
Something is better than nothing – and I genuinely mean it! If you have time to walk to the shop for milk, park the car a few streets away of your destination or manage a quick walk around the block then hats off to you! I am considering wearing my gym kit to the kids footie practice .. then I can run around the pitch and not miss a single moment!
Keep it real – no one has time to dedicate 3 hours a week to a gym session! I’m in the same boat as you, there is always a birthday party, family gathering, school event or friend to see – and we should be doing all those things as they are fun, they are our support network and we like to join in! So find small snippets of time that work for you – a walk with the buggy, jog when the kids are on their scooters, a circuit in the garden.
Make it social – most of the ladies I work with love our classes. For many reasons that we use time efficient exercises, that there is no need for childcare, that they know I will pick up, rock, cradle and bottle feed any baby! But more important to them, it is a place to meet like minded women who are experiencing the same trials and tribulations as they are. Instant coffee mates!
Fun, is the name of the game! Mix it up, keep it fresh, swap a class to another and see how you get on. We are creatures of habit so asking about other classes, services and instructors can feel a little nervous – but we all have the same goal – to make you feel great!
As I write this, I am ‘on holiday’ with my clan. Restful it is not! We are trying loads of activities this week, some old favourites like geo caching, swimming and badminton. Others are new as they get older and can try out different things, bring on the outdoor laser tag, tree climbing and the zip wire! If you ever need a bit of inspiration it is right in front of you … the kids! They don’t worry about what they look like, being covered in mud this morning with ‘war paint’ on I was ‘seriously cool’ compared to the other mums who sat on the side and watched with their coffee! I did look like I had actually run through a swap when we had finished but we had such fun. Didn’t even realised I had racked up 6000 steps and 55 active minutes over the activity! If there is one piece of advice about how to keep things going …. Take a leaf out of the kids book! Apparently Father Christmas is bringing me a scooter as we need to go faster than my current running speed, and I can’t wait!

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