New Year’s Resolutions – Rethink Them!

New Year’s resolutions. Urgh. I can guarantee you have seen at least 10 adverts today for miracle solutions to the ‘perfect body’, how to ‘drop a dress size’ or the only ‘detox’ you need to do. Well there is only one thing we think about all of this January hype – rubbish!

At the beginning of a new year, and indeed a new decade, it is the obvious time for reflection and a time to form new habits. We would just encourage you to sieve through all the adverts and create some life long, realistic healthy habits and New Year’s resolutions that help you to achieve your goals.

January doesn’t have to be about ‘giving things up’, what about making it about what we can ‘gain’ and positive changes that make you feel great?

Here are our some of our ideas to get you started:

  1. Choose to change just ‘one thing’, maybe you could cut one sugar from your tea or add in a 20 minute walk 3 times a week. It needs to be simple, easy to stick to and something that occurs often over your week.
  2. What do you enjoy? Creating a new recipe in the kitchen, meeting up with a friend – you will stick to something that is enjoyable and fun!
  3. Try something new – have you tried meditation or relaxation? A clear head can really help with your stress management.
  4. Sleep – why not aim for an extra 30 minutes every day! Go to bed a little earlier, take away light from electronic devices and don’t work before you go to bed. Nap if you can!
  5. Drink –  water will keep you hydrated, flush out toxins and help you feel more awake and balanced.
  6. Movement, anything! What do you want to do, are you aiming to get back to a sport? What are your long term goals? The first stepping stone may be a Pilates class, an abdominal check or sorting out dysfunction in the body. Baby steps are building blocks.
  7. Add in some self care – its not selfish! A bath, a book, keeping a journal or a chat with friends are all great ways of keeping yourself near to the top of the list.


Above all, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is! Sensible steps to a longer term goal, making manageable changes that suit you will get you there. Work with trusted, experienced experts in their field, take onboard valid and evidence based advice. Feeling fitter, stronger, more confident and creating a little ‘you time’ is what we are about. Fads and fashion will come and go, knowledge, education and experience will always get you to your goal – no matter whether you start on Jan the 1st or April the 15th – we will be here to support you.


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