Back Pain Solutions

I have come across a number of women over the last few weeks who are experiencing varying degrees of pack pain and discomfort. Back pain is a very common symptom with more than 80% of the population experiencing in their lifetime, it can cause a range of issues across the rest of your system from […]

Have you heard of fascia?

As we extend our learning further and continue to evolve and develop new programmes to help women, we delve deeper into the anatomy of the female form. Many of you won’t have heard of or even be aware of the fascia that’s sits within your system, and nor would you understand it’s function or purpose. […]

Hiit with Toddler

My First Hiit Session… With My Toddler!

I must admit, the thought of taking my toddler to exercise with me was somewhat unnerving; but taking him to my first hiit session?! I must be mad. He’s now two and a half, and so any chance of him sitting quietly in his pram eating rice cakes are long gone (oh, those beautiful Buggyfit […]

Postnatal Anxiety

When I found out I was pregnant, it was a lot to take in, too big to comprehend and I was nervous. “I don’t have enough patience”, “I’m too selfish”, “what if I don’t enjoy it?’’,  ‘’I like my life now” Don’t get me wrong, there were also  feelings of excitement and butterflies in my […]

How to keep up the good work?!

Often when the end of your maternity leave starts to creep round and you start to panic about logistics of nursery pick-ups and juggling meetings, clients also feel the realisation of how are they going to fit an any ‘me’ time, and where does exercise fit into this new world? The nightmare of childcare is […]

Mental Health and Wellbeing

The media has given a lot of coverage recently to mental health and with some high profile supporters it has come to the forefront of everyone’s minds – and rightly so. With 25% of the UK population experiencing some form of mental health in their adult years it is a lot more common than we […]

Why Should I Exercise Outside?

Getting out of the house can feel like a major achievement when you have a baby in tow! With the car seat, pushchair and a bag of ‘just in case’ to weigh you down. It may seem like a bit of an effort, but getting out and about is so important for postnatal ladies. Social […]